Fishing seasons & species

Zanzibar is located almost near the equator and has a tropical climate with four distinct seasons: two dry seasons (one short & one long) and two wet seasons (one short & one long). Knowing the seasons will help you to find the best time to come for fishing.
when to come
June - September
It’s a long dry season with all four months seeing low levels of rainfall and average temperatures around 25°C. During this period blue skies are likely to be uninterrupted. Good for getting kingfish and giant trevallies (GT).
October - December
This period of short rains is called «mwaka». Temperatures rise, often getting into the 30’s, the few smatterings of rain aren’t really enough to deter most people but be prepared for a few overcast days. Known as one of the best fishing seasons. Hurry up to book the date until it’s too late!
January - February
Known as Zanzibar’s short dry season. The heat soars with average highs of 29°C and while there is very little chance of rain, humidity remains high. The seawater starts to warm up and for divers, wetsuits become optional.
Good time for Latham trips!
March - May
Season of the prolonged and heavy monsoon rains. Between rainy periods the sun is bound to come out, days still seeing an average of six hours of sunshine, but a large chunk of any holiday during this time will be spent sheltering from the rain. Although it’s good for fishing as fish is eating a lot, also there aren’t many tourists and only a few boats.
The Muslim festival of Ramadan falls in the latter half of the Islamic calendar, usually April-May, with the dates changing each year. During this time, many local restaurants are closed during the day and the consumption of food and alcohol is prohibited in public.
However, it can be a good time for fishing as there are not many fishermen in the sea and the demand for fish declines significantly.
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