Our Crew
Meet our guides - professional fishermen, truly in love with fishing, born and raised in Africa. Our goal is to make you catch a big fish and we will eat our tail to do that!
  • Zandré
    Founder, Guide
    Passion for fishing brought me from South Africa to Zanzibar. Since then I have been living my dream... I do ocean and river fishing in Africa. Most of all I love to go through this exhilarating experience when my clients take out the biggest fish in their lives and make new records!
  • Andrew
    Captain, Guide
    Born in South Africa, I came to Zanzibar 5 years ago to fish and stayed here. Since then I caught lots of great fishes and made some personal records. Now I can’t spend even a couple of days without going out and I look forward to meet the clients who are genuine fishing fans like me.
  • Steff
    Captain, Guide
    Born and raised in Tanzania from Greek and Italian parents, I chose fishing as my hobby and job. When people ask me, why am I here and not in Mediterranean, I reply, have they ever seen anywhere as much and as big fish as here?
The Fishing Zanzibar Crew
Our Beach Bums team represents South Africans and expats, all have been working and living in Tanzania for a long time. Our captains are trained and well-qualified to work onboard. All of us have certificates and take part in local and international fishing competitions.
Fishing is not only our hobby but also a dream job we dedicated our lives !
We are committed to ensuring the best client experience onboard our vessels.
Meet the perfect combination of talent, fun, and enthusiasm to make your stay in Zanzibar unforgettable!
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